Here is the rest of the photos from the rainbow crossing we did. For anyone that doesn’t know, on Oxford street in Sydney Australia, a rainbow crossing was created to support gay rights and marriage equality. Unfortunately it was painted over a week or so ago because it became a hazard, thanks tourists. Now there is the #diyrainbowcrossing movement where anyone with chalk can go anywhere an make their rainbow crossing to support gay rights and more specifically marriage equality (especially now as NZ has made gay marriage legal, and we are left behind).

So today when my family came home they were having a big old chat about the crazy new age uni kids drawing on the road…i skeptically went for a walk and found some old friends who live locally and thus helped finish this.  This was their idea and their effort, i just helped. But it was fun and has pushed me to do more. 

So basically the moral of this is, this is a thing. if you believe in the thing you should also do the thing, because things. 

i know most of you dont care but this is what happened and this is my blog and my post so deal with it equal marriage rights LGBTQ diyrainbowcrossing things gay rights

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